General Hunting Rules

  1. Before any hunting will commence, all visitors must complete and sign our indemnity form upon arrival. Visitors not adhering to this notice must note that they are entering Oryx Hill at their own risk as indicated on the indemnity form and by entering our premises they are complying with the indemnity. Minors indemnity forms to be signed by a parent or legal gaurdian.
  2. Safety is our greatest concern and all visistors need to be diligent on gun safety. All weapons need to be kept in their gun bags and if taken out, make sure that the bolt face is completely open at all times. A round in the chamber is only permitted once hunting commences. These rules will be strictly enforced for everybodys safety. A gun safe is provided for your firearm so there is no excuse for any unattended firearms.
  3. Alcohol is strictly prohited while hunting. No persons under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to handle a firearm or vehicle.
  4. Hunting will only begin ½ hour AFTER sunrise and end ½ hour BEFORE sunset.
  5. Only calibre rifles that are of legal use in the terms of North West Parks Board will be allowed. No calibres smaller than .243 or .6mm will be allowed.
  6. No persons are allowed in the field with a rifle on their own. Hunting is only permitted under the supervision of a field guide.
  7. No hunting allowed withing a 500m radius of the lodge or near the fences of the camp. Hunters will be responsible for any game breaking through to other farms. Only game specified on the list indicated may be hunted. No shots may be fired at any other animals, birds, plants or trees. In the event of any bird or unauthorised animal beig shot, a penalty of R10 000.00 will be payable with the replacement cost of the animal involved.
  8. No female animals may be hunted.
  9. All hunters must ensure they can identify the sex, size and type of animal and not rely solely on the guide. The hunter remains responsible and full price is payable if wrong animal or a small size animal is hunted.
  10. Any game wounded will be deemed hunted and the full value of it will be payable. Any blood, bones, hide, meat or hair which is found will be seen as proof that an animal was indeed hit. Finding wounded animals is the sole responsibility of the the hunter aided by the guides. Please ensure that all wounded animals are speedily found. The owner has the right to withdraw guides and/or stop hunting activities until the wounded animal has been found.
  11. Please respect nature and pick up cartridge shells, paper or litter.
  12. No money or tips may be given directly to personnel. Money or tips can be given to Management who will ensure that the relevant personnel member will receive it.
  13. No alcohol my be given to personnel.
  14. A 100% deposit for your accommodation 6 weeks prior to your arrival will ensure your booking. Hunters will forfeit their deposit should they not arrive for their booking . Cancellations must be made atleast 8 weeks prior to arrival otherwise deposit will be forfeited.
  15. Any damages to any property will be at the hunters’ expense.
  16. The full account needs to be settled before leaving Oryx Hill. Strictly cash or Internet payments will be processed.
  17. The premises of Oryx Hill Safaris is entered and activities undertaken at own risk. The owner and/or employees accept no responsibility for any injuries, mistakes, accidents, amage and/or death of any visitor / or property in their possession. The owner and/or employees accept no responsibility for any hunting expedition, including accommodation, transport and vehicles, guides, that are entirely or partially unsatisfying or cancelled.